Big Data Analytic Tools Usage among Academic Libraries in Tanzania


  • Jaffar Msafiri Ponera Librarian, Department of Knowledge Management, Moshi Co-operative University (MoCU), Tanzania
  • Valeria Kyumana Lecturer, Institute of Finance Management, Tanzania



University Libraries, Big Data Analytic Tools, Social Media Analytics, Tanzania


This study examines the implementation of Big Data analytics in Tanzanian University libraries. Employing a qualitative approach within the interpretive paradigm, the study conducted interviews to collect data from 12 library staff across various University libraries in Tanzania. The qualitative data collected was analyzed using Atlasi.ti 7, focusing on emerging themes. The findings established that most University libraries in Tanzania utilize social networking sites for marketing their products and services. However, only a few academic libraries employ analytics tools such as Apache Hadoop, MongoDB, Apache Spark, Tableau, Zoho Analytics, Apache Storm, and others due to insufficient skills. The study concludes that library administrators could greatly benefit from integrating Big Data analytics into their daily operations. Recommendations include developing Big Data analytics policies to ensure proper handling of user data and offering training on the use of such analytic tools to librarians to equip them with necessary skills and techniques.


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